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Our process


Often you may know what it is you want to achieve but just aren’t quite sure how to articulate this. R&R Wealth Solutions is experienced at explaining the complex in simple, easy to understand terms. We start by gaining an understanding of your personal values and current financial affairs. Then next by helping you identify and prioritise goals, through the R&R Wealth Portal you can then track your progress, deepening your engagement with your own finances.

Life can get really busy, and when you combine this with having so much information so readily available now, it becomes very difficult to know what is relevant to your situation and then to have the time to devote to properly understanding your choices.

R&R Wealth Solutions firmly believe that right from the first complementary Explore meeting, you should leave knowing more than when you entered and understand clearly how we may be of assistance.

Our role as your trusted adviser is to listen, provide valuable insight and formulate a clear roadmap to help navigate your chosen path to financial empowerment and success.

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By choosing to engage the services of R&R Wealth Solutions we view this as a privileged position and not something we take lightly. With this comes responsibilities from both parties. We believe success is a natural outcome of having an open, honest, respectful and transparent relationship.

The best path to financial empowerment and success is to have your plan built by a Certified Financial Planner ™. We partner with our clients for the long-term, providing advice and guidance as new issues surface, and enhance your experience using tools available in the R&R Wealth Portal to track your progress.

We also understand the importance of working with other professionals that you may use or being able to introduce you to these people if required. We understand the skills we offer and have no issue engaging with other professionals to secure your financial success.

Our aim is to become your trusted adviser over time.

On Track

Your financial plan provides the roadmap but unfortunately all too often obstacles get in the way. It is our role to identify those that are relevant to you and make adjustments accordingly to ensure you remain On Track to meeting your goals.

These obstacles may come in the form of legislative changes to superannuation, tax, and government benefits. Other times it may just simply be that your personal circumstances have changed, such as a job promotion, home purchase, car purchase, birth, death, separation and retirement. Situations like this are likely to require changes to the strategies in your financial plan.

With access to the R&R Wealth Portal we can effectively provide important updates and documents to you and vice versa. This is a seamless process which helps you to more easily engage with your own finances by being able to track your progress against desired goals & objectives.

We’ve discovered one of the most rewarding aspects of this service and being your trusted adviser is helping clients avoid financial mistakes. R&R Wealth Solutions understand the importance of taking time to pause, reflect on progress made and celebrate milestones.

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