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Aged Care

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This is typically a difficult time for all parties, but if you plan ahead you can considerably reduce the heartache and stress involved.

Fortunately there is now a wealth of information available, but like with most decisions, the difficulty lies in applying what is relevant to your situation to ensure you are doing the best thing.

By being aware of your situation as early as possible, we are able to assess options and plan appropriate ways to facilitate a transition for yourself, other family members or friends.

Our role is to help provide guidance with the following:

  • Where can we get more information?
  • What are the steps involved to get our loved one assessed?
  • What home care programs are available locally and what are the waiting times?
  • Where is the nearest suitable care facility? How much does it cost and what are the options for funding entry?
  • Most appropriate way to fund our move into an aged care facility?
  • Should we sell or rent the family home?
  • What other investments can we sell? Is there tax implications with this?
  • What income support, if any will be received from the government?
  • Is there a way to reduce the fees payable for care?
  • Is there enough income available to fund the care expenses? What other assets can help with this if needed?

With so many potential variables and questions, it is important to consider Aged Care as early as possible and allow us sufficient time to do the research needed to provide the advice you require or may require in future.

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