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Government Entitlements

arrow blur boardR&R Wealth Solutions focus on making the most of the support available to you from the government. Whether it be via additional income or reduced expenses, this can significantly help your retirement wealth stretch further.

We can help you register for all your entitlements and structure your finances to ensure you receive the maximum benefits possible. Our advice covers specific strategies to maximise your Centrelink / Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) pension or allowance benefits, plus access to concession cards such as Low Income Health Card (LIHC) or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC), both of which help reduce your expenses.

Our services include supporting you with the required applications and helping you keep Centrelink/DVA informed of any changes to your circumstances.

If you are retired or retiring soon and want to make sure that your access to benefits is maximised, then be sure to contact us.