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GuadalestThe first thing to distinguish is between investments and tax structures. Superannuation is a tax structure, whereas in your super you can invest in cash, fixed interest, shares and property to name but a few classes of assets.

There are numerous investments options available and selecting the right strategy can be a daunting prospect.  Each option has their own unique set of costs, risks, income and growth characteristics. Utilising our expertise can help you save a lot of time, money and minimise the risks of making a costly mistake.  

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Investor education is a priority of ours which is designed to help you understand the potential risks and rewards of your investment strategy. This gives you confidence in your decisions and an improved likelihood of avoiding bad experiences.


We understand the risks involved with investing and believe that much of the hard work has already been done for you by the world’s leading investment professionals.

Your personal investment recommendations are based on your:

  • Investment preferences
  • Risk (volatility) tolerance level
  • Investment timeframes
  • Previous investing experiences
  • Desired outcomes to meet your goals

R&R Wealth Solutions is privately owned, so our primary focus is you, our client. This helps ensure that you receive clear, balanced investment advice specific to your situation.

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