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Money Planning

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Money management

R&R Wealth Solutions encourage you to treat your personal finances like a business.

Do you know if you are currently running at a Profit or Loss? How much is your surplus or deficit?

Our advice combined with access to the R&R Wealth Portal, will provide you with the necessary tools to assist you with improving your understanding and accountability in this area. The aim is to empower you to take control of your decisions and improve your financial consciousness. You can then be more confident in making spending decisions and knowing how they impact your ability to meet your goals.

This also includes ensuring you have appropriate bank account structures in place.

Debt management

It is important we understand your current debt position, future plans, goals and priorities. You can then track your progress via the R&R Wealth Portal. Our advice is designed to ensure an appropriate debt plan is in place which commonly addresses ways to:

  • Minimise interest payable
  • Reduce loan term
  • Prioritise debt clearance when multiple ones are in place
  • Ensure appropriate structure & flexibility is in place to complement your future plans
  • Clear debts within a specified timeframe
  • Effective strategies to purchase a home, investment property, managed investments or shares
  • Balance the priority of maximising your retirement position with clearing debt

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